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Five countries with the cheapest gasoline

Five countries with the cheapest gasoline
The cost of oil is an important component of gas prices. Also, an essential factor influencing the retail price of petrol is the commission, subsidies, the cost of processing and transportation, and other charges.
Today we will talk about countries with the cheapest gasoline, according to The ranking includes 164 countries of the world. In 61 states, 1 liter of gasoline costs less than $ 1.
5th place: Algeria
Price of 1 liter of gasoline: $ 0.35
Algeria's economy is based on gas and oil. Segments provide 30% of GDP, 60% of the state budget revenue, and 95% of export revenue.
The Algerian authorities are making efforts to diversify the economy and attract foreign and domestic investment in other sectors.
4th place: Iran
Price of 1 liter of gasoline: $ 0.29
For many centuries this country has played a crucial role in the East. Iran is one of the most technologically advanced states in the region.
Iran is located in a strategically important region of Eurasia and has large reserves of oil and natural gas.
3rd place: Sudan
Price of 1 liter of gasoline: $ 0.14
Since 2011, after South Sudan gained independence, oil production in the country has decreased (most of the fields were located in the south of the state).
Sudan is covering the external debt of South Sudan through exports of South Sudanese oil through its territory.
2nd place: Cuba
Price of 1 liter of gasoline: $ 0.09
Venezuela plays an important role in Cuba's foreign trade, which, in exchange for the services of Cuban doctors, teachers, and trainers, supplies Havana with cheap oil.
1st place: Venezuela
Price of 1 liter of gasoline: $ 0.01
According to the statement of the International Monetary Fund, the inflation rate in Venezuela will reach 1,000,000% at the end of 2018.
The leading causes of the economic crisis are structural and political factors. It triggered a significant dependence on imports, a decrease in world oil prices, and state control over the production and distribution of food.
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The forex reserves, which just about covered all of India's external debt as of March 2011, now covers only around 88.5 per cent (as of December 2011). While the foreign exchange reserves declined ... External debt consists of the non-equity elements ... if these are sizable and the value added limited. As a rule of thumb, three months of reserve cover of imports has traditionally been seen as a minimum level for comfort, and is close to the mean and the median of the level of reserves held in member countries (those for which data are available). 18 The figures in this paper are meant as ... Foreign exchange reserves at $421 billion cover 81 percent of external debt as of September 2017 and less than 11 months of imports. That’s down from 138 percent of debt before the global financial crisis and 14.4 months of imports in the 2008 fiscal year, respectively, according to the UBS note. ISLAMABAD, April 18: The ratio of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves to its short-term external debt is shrinking, said United Nations’ Economic and Social Survey of the Asia and Pacific 2007. But they cover only 70% of India’s external debt. The latest Reserve Bank of India data indicate that its foreign exchange reserves including currencies, gold and special drawing rights with the IMF have risen $10.7 billion as of February 6 to touch a new high of $330 billion. The surge in reserves has been largely due to strong inflows to emerging economies including India as global ... Mumbai: The countrys foreign exchange reserves increased by $3.704 billion to stand at $235.891 billion for the week ended September 21. Foreign currency assets China’s forex regulator said the country’s external debt risks are under control and it is working with the central bank to improve its management of cross-border financing, stepping up scrutiny over local government financing vehicles and real estate firms. China’s total outstanding external debts (link in Chinese) amounted to $1.71 trillion at the end of December, data from the State ... India's forex story and rising external debt April 30, 2008 . The forex story for the country in the last couple of years has been a dream with the onus shifting to the monetary authority to ... CBK data shows the foreign reserves dropped to $8.627 billion (Sh935.25 billion), enough to cover 5.23 months’ worth of imports, from $8.838 billion (Sh957.86 billion) the previous week. Forex reserves cover 89% of external debt TNN Updated: Mar 31, 2012, 01:10 IST NEW DELHI: India’s rising external debt is becoming a concern for the government, especially when its foreign ...

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Lebanon PM: Government won't repay $1bn in foreign currency debt

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